Punching Bag

Everyone should have a punching bag. 
Something to kick, punch, scream
At the top of your lungs
And unleash that negative energy so you don’t have to carry it around. 

But make sure you get the right bag. 
One that can take the
Damage that you plan on
Dishing out. 

High quality, durable materials 
With seams that won’t split 
When you deliver blow after
Furious blow. 

If the material is wrong, your punching bag
Will fall apart. Or worse. 
Your punching bag could raise up his shirt
And reveal a barrage of bruises and abrasions. 

Sure, you can sew those split seams up
And provide patches to repair the damage,
But that bag will never quite be the same. 
It now carries scars and weak spots. 

So before you start belting your
Punching bag, be sure it is one that
Swings from a chain
And not one that stands on two feet. 

© August 2017 Dustin Campos 


The Great Physician
Tends to give us prescriptions
Written on the Rx pad of 
Life’s circumstances. 

The medicine we’re given
Doesn’t always leave us with the
Best taste in our mouths. 
In fact, it rarely does. 

The majority of the time, the
Side effects are more than we
Can handle. But, 
That’s kind of the point. 

It forces us to rely on the Healer. 
While the meds may not taste great, and have
Less than desirable side effects,
The bottom line is this:

We can’t stay healthy if we don’t take our medicine. 

© August 2017 Dustin Campos

The Death of Art

Art is dying. 
And creativity is struggling
Alongside it, gasping
For breath. 

But what is killing art?
What is this viscous
Murderer; black heart intent
On eradicating beauty from the world?

Let’s think. 
Remember back when you
Used to draw lovely
Lines, pulling images from your imagination?

Remember when you used to
Pick up a pen and write
Silly rhymes, song lyrics, and perform
Private concerts for your stuffed animals

Remember when you played
With clay, molding that
Soft dough into marvelous monuments
Dedicated to the images in your mind?

Why did you stop? 
Who told you that it is not
Okay to be an individual and
Allow your imagination to breathe?

Who told you that expressing
Yourself in written verse
Was something that made you
Strange or too sensitive?

Who told you that your creations,
Made with nothing
But your two hands and 
Your beautiful mind, were inadequate

What caused you to pack away your
Pencils, sketch pads, and makeshift microphones?
Loss of interest? 
Or is your creativity still crying to be released?

Don’t let art die. 

© July 2017 Dustin Campos

Launch Pad

A Stepping stone. 

A launch pad. 

A head start. 

A trail maker. 
I’ve worked, put in the time

To allow those after

Me to go even further. 

Paving the way. 
Although that was never

Really my intention. 

It’s easy to become

Jealous and bitter over the success of others. 
See, I was the first in my family to 

Go to college. 

Highly touted as a success by

The rest of my gene pool. 
Now my sister has a masters degree. 

My cousin wants to be a doctor,

Or a lawyer. A career

That far eclipses my own on the pay grade. 
But despite my naturally

Prideful disposition,

I’m not jealous. 

I’m not bitter. 
I’m proud. 

I’m proud to be a launch pad

For the success of my family. 

I’m proud to serve as inspiration. 
When I look at my daughters,

I can only imagine the success

That they will attain to,

Due in part to Daddy, the launch pad. 
As I look back on my journey,

I see my father; tired, sore, exhausted,

With his hands clasped to

Give me a leg up to opportunities he was never afforded. 
I see my mother; spent, stressed, busy

With the non stop requirements

Of raising 2 children, sacrificing her dreams

To give me the opportunity to achieve mine. 
So yes, I will gladly bend down

To my hands and knees and allow

My family to place a foot

In the middle of my back and jump. 
But only under one condition:

Reach for the stars. And if 

You fall, don’t stop reaching. 

And if you fall again, keep reaching. 
And always remember, your success

Is not defined by the number

Of commas in your bank account. 

It’s defined by what you did along the way. 
I’m proud to be a launch pad. 

One of the many steps

In a spiral staircase that

I pray will never end. 
© July 2017 Dustin Campos

Beautiful Mistakes

I’ve made mistakes I’m 

Not proud of. But those mistakes

Have proved beautiful 

We are all a sum of our experiences. My mistakes in life caused me to lean on God and trust Him. Some of my greatest blessings are results of a life driven to change by those Beautiful Mistakes. 


© July 2017 Dustin Campos


I will love you

When The World around you seems to

Be crumbling

And all you can see is darkness. 

I will love you 

When you look in the mirror and

Find it hard to

Love the reflection looking back. 

I will love you 

When you feel the weight of the world 

Pressing on you,

And I’ll take that load on my back. 

I will love you

When stress makes you feel like you can’t

Breathe without help. 

When you wake up and want to cry

I’ll be waiting

With open arms to wrap you up. 

There is nothing

On this planet that could ever 

Stop my heart from

Beating for your beautiful soul. 

I will love you. 

And when twilight comes into view

I’ll move mountains

To ensure that our heads rest on

The same pillow. 
For Chelsy
© July 2017 Dustin Campos

Don’t Go

Every time I try to

Rise and leave early in

The morning, I’m hit in the

Chest with the force of a

Speeding bullet in the form

Of a 2 foot tall streak. 

Lower lip quivering as she looks

Up at me with those big brown

Eyes and pleads 

“Daddy, don’t go”. 

“I have to” I explain as her tiny

Arms become vice grips around

My leg, refusing to relent. 

“Daddy has to make sure you have

Food in your belly, and the lights

Stay on, and the water keeps

Running. Don’t you like your toys?”

She squeezes tighter. 

“Daddy, don’t go” 

Tears begin to well up,

“I just want you, daddy. Don’t go”. 

And then I realize,

She doesn’t want the things

I can give her. She doesn’t

Care for the gifts. She just 

Wants quality time with her father. 

“Daddy, don’t go”. 

And then I think of God. What

Gift could we possibly

Give to God that He did not

First bestow upon us? 

What gift could He give to us

That could surpass

The infinite worth

Of relationship with the Almighty? 

He just wants some quality time

With His children. And we desperately 

Need some quality time with

Our Father. Somewhere along

The road to adulthood, we 

Seem to have forgot. He said

“Let the children come to me”. 

Daddy, don’t go. 

© July 2017 Dustin Campos